At Openglass we have a wide range of products and solutions suitable for your projects

Seeglass MAX: Frameless Glazing System

The best option to close your terrace and enjoy an extra space in your home or business. This innovative system allows you to take advantage of your spaces, providing an avant-garde atmosphere.

Seeglass RUN: sliding glazing system

Thanks to its wide glass panels without vertical profiles, you will get luminous spaces with an extraordinary panoramic view.

Modern and avant-garde design at an exceptional cost.

Seeglass LUX: indoor glazing sliding system

Sliding and suspended glass panels. LUX is characterized by its minimalist design thanks to its unique reinforced aluminum head.

It incorporates soft stop systems (hydraulic shock absorbers).



Seeglass BIG: Glazing parking system

This system is characterized because it does not have a lower rail. It also allows panels of up to 1.1m. (43,3") of width x a height of up to 3.5 m. (138 ").

The mobile panels are easily anchored to the ground with the help of stainless steel latches.


Seeglass PRO "R" y "F": glazing balustrades

They stand out for their robustness and features. They are real security barriers. Perfect for terraces, stairs, balconies, etc.

They fit perfectly in minimalist decoration, providing a modern and sophisticated style.

Seeglass FIX: oficces partitions

Office divisions with fixed glass of large format and light doors up to 3 meters high.
A system with sophisticated options for top-level offices.

Seeglass WIN: glazing windscreen

They offer you the option of enjoying your terrace or gacevo with the safety of a railing.

When the wind blows to accommodate you will only have to easily raise its glass panels.


Seeglass NET: fly-screens

Thanks to these screens you can enjoy natural ventilation without worrying about mosquitoes and general insects.

You can open and close them with the ease you always wanted: manually, with the comfort of a remote control or even from your smartphone.

SMARTGLASS: digital privacy 

Our electronic film offers instant privacy. It is also adaptable to any existing fixed glass.

Available 2 operating models: Basic or Progressive, (digital curtain effect).


SKY-BIO: bioclimatics pergola

Enjoy without complicated construction, a new and cozy space in your patio or terrace. Control your motorized roof from your smartphone or integrate the system in the home automation of your home.

SKY-BIO is built entirely in aluminum. Available even in imitation wood finishes. In addition, our pergolas are prepared for the installation of any of our Seeglass MAX glass curtains, RUN, WIN, ZIP ...